Greenefields Talent Advisors

 Acquiring & Assessing Talent - Our executive search process

Greenefields delivery model will be adapted to each unique situation and client preference...

Step 1 - Assessing Client Need
Client meeting with all stakeholders to fully understand strategy, organization, culture and specific need.

Step 2 - Prepare Position Specification
Along with our formal agreement to engage, we require that a position specification is prepared for each role. This "spec" serves as the client's marketing paper and confirms the responsibilities of the role.

Step 3 - Conduct Search
Source, identify, phone screen and engage qualified candidates.

Step 4 - Candidate Interviews
Thorough live interviews to assess functional and cultural fit, plus identification of strengths/weaknesses by consultant. We are happy to interview the client's internal candidates as part of the process.

Step 5 - Client Interviews
Qualified candidates are presented to client via a formal report as precursor to client meetings. We assist with pre-interview client preparation.

Step 6 - Referencing
Finalist candidates will be thoroughly referenced prior to offer stage.

Step 7 - Offer and Negotiation
We assist the client in developing and extending an offer, and manage the process if the client desires.


Finding the right executive for your organization is critical to your success.

The Greenefields team will work tirelessly until the project is completed.  Every interaction we make on your company's behalf in the market will positively enhance your employer brand.

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